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Meet The Author

Meet local author, Donald L. Marino, and learn about his latest book, Return of The Shadows, Book One. He will also be signing copies. 



The first war ended when the races of Elves, Dwarfs, Hawk People and Humans held off Goddess Hel as she trapped them on an island. The four races asked her sister, Goddess Atla, for help. Goddess Atla gave each race a blessed weapon and a gem that was used to restore the balance between good and evil and defeat the troll army. When the war ended, Goddess Atla named a keeper to hold these items until they were needed again. It's now seven hundred years later. Greed, hate, and many other negative actions have tipped the balance in Goddess Hel's favor, and she is unleashing the shadows to run her troll army. Goddess Atla has told the keeper, Alastrine, who the weapons and gems must go to.

Now they are in a race to get to the temple and send the gems' energy through the    crystal there and restore the balance before Goddess Hel destroys them.

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Donald L Marino was born in central Pa as Donald L Murray Jr.  As a senior in high school, Donald wrote his first book, a Hardy Boys style that got him an A in English class.  Donald spent four years in the Army, where he lived in Germany and was in the first Gulf War.  Since coming home, he moved to northeast Pennsylvania where he was involved with community theater for over twelve years and also took an improv class in New York City.  Donald married his husband, Anthony, and took his last name, Marino. He loves going to Rehoboth with his husband, but also loves sitting at home and writing.  Donald loves to write because it gives him a chance to be creative.  He loves the challenge of figuring out plots and how to make them work.  Donald’s favorite author is Terry Brooks.

You can purchase the book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble

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